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ATC AIR TRADE CENTRE BV – During the pandemic everyone has become aware of the importance of ventilation in our society. The increasing energy prices drive us to develop an energy-conscious product with attention for the environment. It is our duty to discuss the demands of the Belgian market with our R&D and production; this direct line makes ATC unique as a manufacturer of HVAC products. Last week, after a long wait due to COVID-19, we could finally visit our factory in Izmir and our office in Istanbul. Combined with a visit to the ISK-SODEX, it was a more than successful trip for our Belgian team.

FACTORY IZMIR – In the factory we design and assemble our products according to European standards. Project specific designs or a unit of our range, with or without regulation, from steel plate to finished product. The constant pursuit of perfection in the design and manufacture of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient solutions is central to ATC Air Trade Centre. Uniquely, we are directly present in the Belgian market, this makes us extremely flexible in our design and production process, we are always open to suggestions. Before delivery, all our products are tested extensively so that we are not faced with surprises afterwards.


MAIN OFFICE ISTANBUL – “Istanbul is the new cool” says the slogan on TV, yet our head office has been there for more than 15 years. In the heart of this historic and thriving city where building is a daily business, we select your projects to suit your needs. Escalating transport prices, rising prices for raw materials – the solution must not miss its target… With know-how, we advise each customer individually in his projects and adjust where necessary in consultation. Both the people in Belgium and Turkey attach great importance to long-term good cooperation between manufacturer and installer. Every day questioning and feedback is important in this fast-growing market. Besides the technical department, the management, marketing, administration and local sales are also housed in the same building in Istanbul.

ISK-SODEX ISTANBUL – Contrary to expectations, the attendance at the ISK-SODEX Istanbul 2021 was a great success. The search for healthy indoor climate solutions, which was gaining momentum all over the world, won out over the pandemic for once, resulting in more visitors than the 2019 edition. For our Belgian team, it was a unique opportunity to also visit some of our suppliers and confront them with the adapted needs of our market. Prices, energy efficiency and environment are more than ever a hot topic. Also, on our stand it was busy answering questions, with as eye-catcher the renewed design of our AirPure purifier.

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We, as ATC Air Trade Centre, are very proud to be a part of the most recent publishment of MTMD.
Earthquakes play an important role in the agenda of Turkey. It is a very important fact that buildings which have been constructed by modern standards, compared to those which haven’t, are more resistant against damage from earthquake and fire. New breakthroughs in engineering also provide additional support for the resilience of these buildings.
The sixth chapter of the book contains calculations and statistics regarding the performance and reliability of the ATC Jet Fan during different ground movements.

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Fin & tube heat exchangers are widely used in industrial and residental air conditioner systems. Residental air conditioners, VRF-VRV systems, roof top units, pool dehumidifiers and direct expansion type air handling units are the most common examples of the areas where this type of heat exchanger is used. Generally in air conditioning systems; Finned-tube heat exchangers are used on the indoor air conditioning side, finned-tube or micro channel heat exchangers are used as condensers. In this study, the mathematical model of finned tube evaporator and condenser calculations were investigated. In addition, the effect and performance information of the homogeneous and nonhomogeneous air distribution on fluid flows in the evaporator and condenser circuits are examined.

Keywords: Fin and tube heat exchanger, evaporator, condenser, CFD, air distrubition, circuit algorithm.

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Sadin Tellioğlu

“We continue being your best solutions providing partner. The most important factor in this period is to be accessible and to share the correct information. We will continue to offer solutions to our customers that will make life easier in the fastest and most accurate way.

  • ATC Air Trade Centre which has accelerated its activities even more than being compromised during the epidemic period, is one of the companies that adapted early to the new period. “Our biggest goal is to serve our customers at the best level with our new ones in the new environment” said Sadin Tellioğlu, Business Development Manager of ATC Air Trade Centre, in conversation that we discussed to deal with the ‘New Normal’ period and after. What kind of changes did you make in your current business model during the epidemic period?

We have established our business model with all the necessary on-line infrastructure requirements in order to be able to use our office in a fully on-line working environment quickly and actively, while avoiding multiple and crowded environments, especially during the pandemic period. Thanks to this, we offer almost all of our services on-line to our customers. Naturally, our sales team’s visits to customers have come to a minimum. We take all precautions in certain emergencies and certain projects while making site visits and customer visits, so that we are in contact with customers.

  •  What was your main strategy for the new models you developed?

The main strategy of our working model in our environment is to be much faster, more detailed, focused on customer and customer satisfaction. We are utterly careful with the offers that we provide and in the products we deliver in the form that will be least customer tiring manner, open and full of details and facing the least problems. One of our main strategies in this period is that our services are always available and our customer support line is always reachable. We can say that we were successful thanks to this strategy.

  • Could you tell us a little about the new service models that you offered to your customers and business partners in this process?

We hold meetings using various on-line platforms and tools inside and outside the organization. We organize communication, planning, necessary controls and evaluations quickly and efficiently.

  • What kind of preparations do you have for the ‘New Normal’ period, in which everyone waits with hope after the epidemic and some sectors start to implement step by step?

We also believe in the sentence “Nothing will be the same as before” that be voiced frequently. Much more digital, much faster and data-driven the ‘New Normal’ era began quickly for all of us. For the past few months, as ATC Air Trade Centre, we have tested an on-line and more digital business model and our colleagues have taken a very easy going stance. From now on, we believe that all our business processes will be more digital. We shape our position, strategies and steps accordingly.

  • In my opinion, your business partners should start prepared in the same way as well as you. In this sense, are there any solutions you have developed jointly with your business partners?

Although we will not come together in a physical environment, we all actively use the new digital format with our business partners and customers. We will continue to use it from now on. As I said before, the most important factor in this period is to be accessible and to share the correct information. We will continue to offer our customers solutions that will make life easier in the fastest and most accurate way.

Klima Santralleri

  • Each crisis brings some opportunities. What kind of opportunities do you think could bring out in this post-epidemic sector experienced globally? Do you have a plan that you developed for the opportunities you expect as a company?

Being reliable is one of our most important values in the period of pandemic and insecurity. As ATC Air Trade Centre, we continue to be the brand that produces the best solutions in HVAC applications that are sensitive to human health and environment, ethical, reliable and focused on customer satisfaction. We produce more detailed, more reliable and at the same time much faster solutions to the demands of our customers or in the projects we work with. Thus, we have increased the reliability and loyalty of our company and our brand even more in the last period. As a positive effect, even we caught a level higher than normal business volume. Production in our factory in Izmir continues at full speed without stopping for a minute. Our colleagues in factory continue to produce with full devotion by taking all necessary precautions, training and drills. Easy adaptation to new living and working conditions, correct and fast response to the requests of customers, following-up of the customers made a very important difference between ATC Air Trade Centre and other companies of in this period. Companies that adapt to new conditions, coordinate all processes well and make their customers happy will continue to win.

  • As final words, what do you want to add?

We hope that all humanity will get over this period in a healthy way, with minimal damage. We, as a company, are taking important steps to continue increasing more on-line service level. Our biggest goal is to serve to our customers at the best level with our new innovative solutions in the new environment. We hope to adapt to the new normal in the fastest way and all humanity will have healthy days.

Klima Santralleri

DTK Röportaj
DTK Röportajı Gebro Kılıç

DTK Röportajı

It all starts with improving the architecture and engineering designs, quality of constructions, and intelligent operation of the buildings.

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The indoor environment has a significant and important impact on human health, since we spend 90% of our time indoors.

By Irina Gulay / ATC Air Trade Centre Corporate Marketing Executive

It has been reported (and often quoted) by YouGov, that we spend 90% of our time encapsulated inside something – buildings and modes of transport mostly. Note: YouGov – global public opinion and data company, located in the UK. The scary thing and the truth is, that only 18 % of people believe they spend 21 hours or more inside. We spend this time breathing in unhealthy, sometimes toxic air that builds up as a result of poor ventilation. The air in our homes, offices, gyms, cinemas, theaters and restaurants where we spent our days while eating, sleeping, working, talking and living, is 5 times as polluted as the air from outside and Children’s bedrooms can often be the most polluted rooms in the house.

How does the air indoors get so bad?

The air indoors is basically the same as outside air, with added pollution from all the materials around us. Anything from paint and cleaning products, to furniture and upholstery, to plastic toys and carpets, can trap dust and become a pollutant. 

It is estimated, that in a non-ventilated room in one liter of air, up to 300 thousand dust particles (size of each 0.5 microns) are accumulating. With exhaling, only 75-80 thousand of those are getting return back to the atmosphere and the rest are settling in our body in its bronchi. Since we inhale about 1.5-2 liters of air at a one time, almost 400 thousand micro particles of dust and aerosol are retained in our respiratory system. In total, daily around 7-9 thousand liters of air are passing through the human lungs, being at rest, and 6-8 times more doing physical activity. It looks that our ventilation system has to involuntarily “recycle” over 30 million particles of micro-dirt. Generally, the medical films of miners’ lungs are the black.  Nowadays black pigment is start to be seen with urbans. Quite impressive, isn’t it!

Black pigment is start to be seen in lungs of ordinary urban!

In order to reduce the harmful effects of indoor living there are some quick and relatively easy solutions, such as take opportunities to go outside every day #gogreen, let in fresh air at least three or four times a day, control over the use of building materials and using more sustainable materials #sustainablefuture, avoid harmful chemicals, clean indoor regularly. 

Being aware of the seriousness and the magnitude of the situation, we at ATC Air Trade Centre cannot ignore the health of our indoor spaces. With our never-ending investments to the new technologies, efforts for sustainable environment, we continuously develop and improve our products and solutions in order to maximize the quality of indoor air, the quality of indoor life and health.  Advanced technology and outstanding innovations make our solutions an exciting system for sustainable well-being.

We are working to improve indoor life and make it healthier! 




Fortified with valuable knowledge, adopting perfectness as the main pillar, we strive to become an excellent partner for climate products and solutions by a combination of our eager to challenging our limits and over 25 years of engineering knowledge in sales and manufacturing.